Jerermy at Q9 powersports is a ripoff artist. He sold me a 125cc Dozer, sold me the upgrade and it fell apart five times in six months.

He would not reimburse me or take it back. These ATV's are nothing but Chinese junk and he knows it and if you buy one and sign his contract you CANNOT do anything about it from the time you take it off his property. Don't buy anything from this guy or you will be sorry. His Internet sales are a scam also because nobody is going to pay to ship it back and also a 20% restocking fee.

Even if it is damaged, he will only send you parts to YOU can fix it. Stay away!

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Gridley, Illinois, United States #819839

It sounds like these problems are due to not doing pre-trip inspections and or not assembling the machine correctly!!!! This wouldn't be Q9 Power sports problem!!!

This is the owners problem!!!

It is so funny how we the people of this country always blame the wrong people and if you think for one second that the big companies don't have problems then go buy one at 4 times the cost and see!!!! We have to understand you get what you pay for!!!

Dallas, Texas, United States #791367

:) Loctite and preventive maintenance (tightening nuts and bolts) goes a long way if your not lazy and actually do it, everyone should do a pre-check before putting your kids on any ATV or dirt bike. Name Brand or non-name brand, its your kid, so check over any machine and do pre-maintenance before they ride and you wont have any issues. My son has a "Dozer" for 2 years and for the price its 10 times better than a Honda.

Madison, Wisconsin, United States #596874

:grin :zzz Q9 Powersports is a great place!! i purchased a moped from them for collage and it is perfect i have put over 2k miles on it and it still runs like a dream, i have only had to deal with customer service once... and that was to buy the machine, lol but all in all i refereed my friends to them as well to get their mopeds, great place to go!!


i bought two atv's madison wi and they both run like ***, one worse than the other, falling apart and not running every time i take it in it gets worse, jeremy is a *** and customer service awful got into it with mechanic and he acted like he wanted to fight, horrible i just wanted an exchange it. Looks like it's court we go.... :( :(


This customers unit fecomplaint cease the nuts and bolts they assembled and tightened where not tight. I spoke to this customer and the only part that the customer assembles "front tie rod" loosened up and came apart, they didn't even use the provided cotter pin provided for that nut.

This is not Q9 Powersports fault, the customer was in a hurry and did a poor job putting it together. We sell 4000+ machines a year for the last 8 years, where is everyone else and their units coming apart???????

to Q9 Powersports reply to ***ty #1160445

Ya sell *** !!

to Q9 Powersports reply to ***ty #1385902

They are in these 25 or complaints just read and you will see where they are at.


Do not buy from Q9 Powersports. We also bought a Dozer, and it is nothing but a piece of junk.

The chain falls off every day it is ridden. The tirerod came apart while our 9 yr. old was riding it and the ATV flipped over, sending him to the hospital and left us with a big bill. We talk to the customer service people and they are polite, but helpless.

GAs leaks from the carburator. The bolts are so cheap, we have had to replace them all.


I bought an ATV here and I love it. so does my kids!,,

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