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Got my kid the 250 for wheeler for Xmas , didn't come with a battery , after 2 weeks of riding it the rear break caliber feel off , company sent a replacement ..few weeks later my son is riding the rear tire falls off ( rim cracks around lug nuts ) will not warrenty a faulty rim ..thankfully son want hurt Add comment

I have never dealt with an unprofessional business in my 31 years of businessthese people are arrogant rude disrespectful... They shipped the wrong part and in return wanted me to pay for the part to be shipped back once I refused all *** broke loose the women in there quality department needs to be retrained or let go beware buying anything from this company there are so many of these people on the internet to choose from oGood Luck folks Read more

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I ordered a quad for my daughter for xmas on November 30th 2015 it is now December 17th and Guess what?? No quad...Called and spoke to these guys who think im some soprt of ***. They cant provides me with a tracking number from UPS that works or is valid...They cant provide me with a pick up number from UPS (which they say if they had it picked up they would be able to give it to me) and can't tell me "where the quad is?" They are liars and... Read more

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I picked up a Hummer Utility ATV from Q9 last winter. It survived several ice fishing trips and ran surprising well in the brutal cold. It cracks me up that people call these junk because they are "made in China", yet practically EVERYTHING we own here in the US is Made In China! Overall I'm impressed with the quality of this thing. Especially considering it was dirt cheap compared to the big brands. I plan to use it hunting this fall so... Read more

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I bought one of the little 90cc dirt bikes from Q9 this spring. I wanted something small for my son who got the "minibike itch" from one of his friends down the street who had one. I didn't want to spend the big bucks buying a "name brand" and a friend of mine had had good results with an ATV he purchased that was China made. Sure it's had a couple problems with some things breaking (brake lever, fender mount etc) but pretty much all of what... Read more

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I bought a Dozer kids ATV for my 10 year old son from Q9 Powersports in Madison back in 2012. It was dirt cheap compared to the "big brands". I bought it knowing it would require more maintenance than the more expensive brands do, simply because it's made with cheaper metal etc. My son has been thrashing this thing for 2 years now and it's still going strong. Sure the occasional part has needed replacing, but the parts are cheap and the... Read more

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Bottom line: It's simply not worth owning. If you're not a gear head, just forget it. If you are mechanically inclined, go on Craigslist and buy an old hunk of junk that barely runs. Worst case scenario is you end up rebuilding it from scratch, but at least then you'll have an ATV worth your wrench time. You'll rebuild this one, first year guaranteed, but you'll still have a hunk of junk. This is the most poorly constructed machine I have ever... Read more

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bought a 125 dozer aprox. 7 months ago....clutch went has been very difficult to reach any one in customer service....i have left several messages that were never returned...i was finally able to talk to cody...very nice guy...he tried to walk me through a fix but concluded the clutch was bad..... after reaching that conclusion i was again unable to reach anyone else who could help order a part... after leaving several messages..still... Read more

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Bought one of the 125cc wrangler go carts and the day it arrived the ignition switch didn't work.bought the go cart in March 2014 and finally got the switch today 06-17-14,,, don't waste your money or time cause they will rip you off Add comment

My husband and I ordered 2 electric quads for our daughters in December. When we called Q9 to order them, they said they had the units in stock, and would send them right out. In addition, they come with 2 free helmets.. Which, we were not expecting, but it seemed like a nice deal. They sent the two helmets out, but the quads were never sent. We finally called, and were told by Jeremy that they were lost in shipping, and usually they just... Read more

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